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Barbara Veronese

She has been working with the firm since 1996 and is in charge of the fulfilment of the so-called “post-deed” obligations, directory, registration with the Italian Revenue Department and filing with the Companies Register.

Her many years of experience, combined with meticulousness and speed in processing paperwork, make her an excellent resource in the department. When all kinds of deeds are drawn up she is frequently included in the process right from the start to ensure that they are formally correct.

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Antonella Grosso

After graduating from university, she became an editor for the most important legal publishing houses and has worked with the firm since 2012. Her experience is put into practice particularly in the handling of post-contract formalities, filings, and the fulfilment of other tasks within the firm.

Precise and attentive, she knows how to provide immediate answers to the most varied specific legal requests, particularly with regard to Companies Registers.


Annamaria Tarantino

A notarial assistant since 2018, she takes care of the fulfilment of all formalities following the signing of a deed: registration, execution and filing of corporate formalities, real estate transcriptions, mortgage registrations and various other types of registration. She prepares standard and executive copies, managing post-signing obligations, even for the most complex and delicate real estate deeds, carrying out all the appropriate preliminary investigations for the drafting of the final notarial reports.

Meticulous and competent, she always demonstrates willingness and guarantees precision.

Samanta Porcu

Samanta Porcu

After graduating from the Technical Institute for Surveyors, she soon discovered her passion for notarial matters.

Within our firm, she handles the formal verification of deeds, as well as the fulfilment of formalities following their finalisation. She meticulously oversees the stages of directory, registration, transcription, inscription, annotation and filing of deeds with the Companies Register.