Silvia Artino

A long-standing and trusted collaborator of the firm since 1981. Her skills and enthusiasm have enabled her to span and assist the various departments. Today she is considered particularly to be the firm's IT expert and human resources manager.

Virginia Nalersi

She set aside her career as a lawyer to begin a path within the notarial practice. Today she is in charge of secretarial duties, from welcoming clients to handling phone calls, appointments and issuing copies of documents and deeds.

SShe is also responsible for the keeping, checking and printing of the directory and the formalities and relationships regarding the firm in general as well as the endorsement of the firm's books.

Elena Fumagalli

The firm's bookkeeper, she applies the necessary care and precision to billing, administration and the general running of the firm.

Federico Faramia

The firm’s so-called “confidence man”.

From greeting clients, to redirecting phone calls, he takes care of everything related to the practical organisation of the studio and its spaces, as well as relations with suppliers.