Studio Morone Torino


Studio Notarile Morone is a professional association of notaries.

Established on the 4th of December 1910 by Ettore Vincenzo Morone in Condove, on the outskirts of Turin, the firm moved to the centre of the Piedmontese capital in 1932, at number 6 via dell'Arsenale 6, where it merged with the firm of notary Ernesto Torretta.

Remo Morone, the founder's son, took over as head of the firm in 1943 and, in 1960, the business moved to its current location at 5 Via Mercantini, where it has been constantly expanded in terms of space and number of personnel, while maintaining its strong family tradition.

Today the firm is run by notaries Ettore Morone, Remo Maria Morone and Chiara Agosto, who are supported by over 20 collaborators, including professionals, specialised secretaries and jurists skilled in various areas of expertise, grouped into sectors with their own internal operational autonomy.