The service is tailored to the client's needs, from the simple procedure of authenticating signatures on various powers of attorney to the most complex consulting activity for listed companies. The firm has significant experience in handling exceptional transactions, for instance, and an adequate structure to assist clients right from the drafting and filing of the project, ensuring complete management also of the timing of deeds and fulfilment of the pertinent obligations.
On the strength of its long-standing collaboration with major companies in the Turin area, Studio Morone also offers a 'turnkey' service in the management of “contentious” shareholders' meetings, particularly those of listed companies, being a highly appreciated third party and guarantor.

The firm also collaborates with numerous accountancy firms. In some cases this is solely for specific, particularly complex transactions requiring particular attention or experience, or in situations of extreme urgency. At other times, it manages ongoing relationships, allowing the professionals working for the companies to concentrate on problems of more direct pertinence, leaving the notary and his staff to guarantee the form and procedure.

The commercial sector also includes the deeds of associations, foundations and other private and public bodies that require, either directly or through their professionals, notarial advice on the drafting and adaptation of deeds and statutes.
This department of the firm also deals with generational handovers of assets and corporate enterprises, particularly through the transfer of shareholdings, whether for consideration or free of charge, providing special assistance with issues relating to the applicable taxes and benefits.
Last but not least, the firm's pride and joy is its ongoing and successful collaboration with the academic world, in particular with Stefano Cerrato, Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Turin.

SM_SaraMurgia 001

Sara Murgia

A member of the firm since 2018, a lawyer since 2016, she offers consulting services and prepares deeds. She has developed considerable experience in the incorporation of all forms of companies and, in particular, in the incorporation of LLCs on-line, innovative startups and the issue of Equity Financial Instruments and tokenization.

Skilled and attentive, she is of great support to the firm and its clients.

SM_LodovicaDeBiase 002

Lodovica De Biasi

A lawyer since 2015, she showed great interest in commercial law, beginning her career working with major law firms. Today, the passion and skills acquired, first in inheritance law and subsequently in corporate law, have brought her to Studio Morone.

She provides consulting services, drafts deeds and has considerable expertise in the third sector and trusts.

Avv. Nicolò Quesito

Nicolò Quesito

A lawyer since 2016, with a strong interest in commercial and corporate law, he has practised at leading law firms.

He has been working with the firm since 2022, where he provides consulting services and drafts deeds in relation to corporate matters.

SM_CristinaDelucchi 002

Cristina Delucchi

She has been with the firm since 2018 and a lawyer since 2023, she has provided notarial services within the firm, specialising in the preparation of all types of power of attorney, declarations and authentications, with a particular focus on more exotic international matters.