The Real Estate Law

The real estate department, with a team of employees and collaborators headed particularly by the notary Agosto and by Silvia Comin, deals mainly with purchases of real estate, with or without a mortgage.
It also oversees real estate transactions related to both significant family estates and Italian corporate groups with complex real estate interests, such as industrial plants, buildings and land. Drawing on the network of contacts developed over the years, it has played an informal liaison role in numerous significant transactions.

The professionals in this department of the firm provide daily tax consulting services regarding indirect taxes connected with the notarial deed, primarily to companies operating in the real estate field, but also to private buyers, aimed at the most advantageous registration of real estate and application for the appropriate benefits. The company is carefully assisted from the moment of purchase of the land or building, right through to the fulfilment of the final obligations connected with the sale of the last real estate units..

Thanks to privileged collaboration with specialised technicians, particularly the surveyor Marco Tarditi, the firm is able to offer a complete due diligence service, comprising practical inspections of the urban planning and building, cadastral and energy situation of the real estate covered by the deed.

SM_SilviaComin 001

Silvia Comin

A member of the firm since 2001, where she heads the real estate department, she assists the notaries in all notarial matters, from preliminary advice to the drafting of deeds and the fulfilment of subsequent obligations.

Experience, expertise and precision make her an excellent and trustworthy resource on whom you can rely when it comes to making the best possible decisions.

SM_SilviaMusso 006

Silvia Musso

She has been with the firm since 2011 and is an expert in the real estate sector, providing consulting services, drafting deeds and associated formalities. You will also find that she has outstanding expertise in instant buying and other “special” ways of purchasing real estate.

Strong knowledge of the subject matter, precision and clarity complete her profile.

SM_ElviraNesta 003

Elvira Nesta

Since 1997, she has gained extensive experience in the notarial field, which means that, in addition to drawing up deeds, she now has various responsibilities within the department, also coordinating the fulfilment of the firm's real estate obligations with skill. She assists clients with attention and dedication throughout the handling of their case, from the first contacts to the overall completion of the transaction.

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, you will find her to be an excellent consultant.



SM_RobertaSupertino 003

Roberta Supertino

A graduate in law, she is currently practising as a notary within the firm. Her focus and passion for legal issues in general, and real estate in particular, make her a particularly capable and competent resource.